A new novel from Brandon Sanderson or how to make me giddy

Well well well, here I am, wandering the ”interwebs” looking, minding my own business as usual, surfing calmly through the many threads of this big and almost infinite web, when I fell on this great pieces of news about Brandon Sanderson. It’s no secret, I love Sanderson’s work, it’s brilliant, riveting and very ambitious. But, I haven’t been a fan for a very long time though, so this might be old news for some people out there.
This spring, more precisely on May 14th, we will be blessed with his first novel for a young adult audience. It will be titled ” The Rithmatist” and it is bound to be a great read, here’s a little excerpt; http://www.tor.com/stories/2013/01/the-rithmatist-excerpt

Now, who’s excited about this? You can be sure that I am excited as a dog who’s going on a walk, as I’m always when a new book by Brandon Sanderson is announced. I will be talking about another news about him later today, or tomorrow morning, stay tune fans of Sanderson, because there’s been a lot of announcement coming from him lately.


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