A title and release date for book two of the Stormlight Archive

For the fans of Brandon Sanderson out there, big news today. We finally have the title for the second opus of the Stormlight Archive and even a release date.
The new book which will be called Words of Radiance and is set to be release in November 2013. It’s still almost a year of wait and we all know how dreadful that can be, hopefully there won’t be any set-backs and we will have the book in our hands to enjoy before Christmas. Now, knowing Brandon Sanderson, I wouldn’t put too much hope on that date.Mr. Sanderson did quite well with the first book to present an incredible, original and exciting world and most of all a great story. The whole series will comprise 10 volumes and we all know that every project as big as this one is bound to slow down and become a bit stale. Will the author be able to prevent his story to become a victim of it’s own ambition? I hope so, and if anybody can do it, it’s him.Here’s a few words from Sanderson about the process of making the titles of the books and how the series will be shaped:

”One of my goals for the Stormlight Archive, which you may have heard me discuss, is to focus each book on a specific character through a series of flashbacks. In a large series like this (the Stormlight Archive is two five-book sequences), it can be difficult to give each volume its own identity. By devoting a sequence of flashbacks in each book to a specific character, I can better separate the volumes in my mind—and therefore make them more distinctive to readers.”
“I don’t always think out book titles with marketing in mind, and a title isn’t set until the book is finished. In this case, once I mentioned the prospective title to my editor, he grinned and said, “Uh, are you sure you want to name a very long, very thick fantasy book The Book of Endless Pages?”
So here you go, we can now start to wait impatiently for the release. I will try to drown myself in various books and alcohol to be able to cope with the long wait. Of course, there’s a lot coming from Sanderson’s direction in the next year, so it won’t be too hard on us poor mortal readers.
If any of you want to have a little peak at the author at work on book two, there’s a few videos of him in the writing process. It’s a nice little experience, if you have the time, watch the four videos.

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