I have no idea where I’m going or this is a new blog

Well, this is it folks, my introduction. My name is Micaël Martel and this is my attempt at starting a blog on fantasy, youth literature and comic books. Why? Because I was newly hired by a library and I thought I would start doing some blogging about this little thing called fantasy. Merely critics and news about the genre, opinions and maybe eventually some theorization and articles. I don’t know yet, like I said this is an experiment for me and maybe people will end up hating it, or will simply not follow me. I hope you will embark with me on this adventure and possibly enjoy it. Now there will be no other post tonight as this is only an introduction. But I am planning on doing a little review on the Abarat series by Clive Barker and it will come shortly as I am presently reading the second book.

Now, if you are curious about me well let me say this about myself, I’m french-canadian, so my english will probably suck at one point or another. I hope you will forgive me for this, as this is as much an attempt to get involve in the beautiful fantasy community as a chance to better myself in this fine language that is English. You might have observe that my template for the blog is crude and boring, and I will say this, I don’t know a thing about web design and such things. If there is someone out there with a kind soul who would be ready to give me a kickass blog look for free, well go ahead. In the meantime, just endure the pain of looking at it like I do. 

I’m excited about starting this, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and that more and more reader will come to this website. See you soon with a review of Abarat.

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