Important Kickstarter project for Bradley P. Beaulieu


Working as an author right now can’t be really easy, even for excellent writers. The digitalization have caused a lot of grief for a lot of publishers that we’re already struggling. The self-publishing options out there are becoming more and more popular and many authors are choosing this method of publication instead of waiting for the right opportunity, someone to take a chance on them or simply to get there work a bit more noticed.

Recently, in a bold move, Bradley P. Beaulieu left his publisher Night Shades books, because he wanted a more united work and have more control over the editing and publication process. Unfortunately, his work was constantly put on hold for various administrative reasons and he decided to take matters into his own had and publish his ”The Lays of Anuskaya” series by himself. This is the explanation I’ve been given and I can well understand Mr. Beaulieu for taking this decision. Nothing must be more frustrating than a body of work being on hold and nothing moving on.

He organized a kickstarter project to help him reached his goal in publishing the whole trilogy by himself and reach a broader audience. If you want to help him and back his project, here’s the link to do so;

I hope he will reach his goal because his work is tremendous and worthy of the best out there. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, make a small place in your reading list for his books, it’s worth the effort.


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