“The King’s Blood” by Daniel Abraham

Well here’s a little review of ” The King’s Blood ” by Daniel Abraham, you’ll have to excuse the utter lack of great writing. It was rushed in a busy day. I hope you’ll enjoy it. The book is a great read and I can’t wait for the third installment this month.




Numerous are the books that are interesting or fun to read, enjoyable to  a degree of comfort, but very rare indeed are the ones that captivate you whole and demand your whole attention. Few books can make you stop everything you have to do in order to loose yourself completely in them and surface out of their depth without reluctance. But when such a book cross your path you cannot help yourself from eating it and consumed every particule of its fiber. With “The Dragon’s Path”, Daniel Abraham had started an epic tale of intrigue and adventure like few others and of course as any debut, was filled with little problems that would titillate our attention, but at least not stopping us from enjoying our experience. Few writers can manage to go through those problems and shatter them with brilliance. But with “ The King’s Blood” the experienced author has manage to make the ones who we’re still unconvinced by his grand tale, completely entranced by his story.


The story starts pretty much where we had left it and our heroes are facing the numerous consequences of their previous acts. Dealing with difficult feelings or annoying problems. New characters are thrown into the story and old ones with smaller roles have now a more important position in the story which make for a very interesting way for moving the story forward effectively with new points of view. These changes are of course very welcome since I had found some of the previous characters to be a bit boring and to much of a stereotype. For example Marcus Webster, he’s the good old soldier with a past ravaging his mind and dreams with dreadful memories. A simple man completely focused on his task with blind loyalty and a very predictable mind. However, Abraham does manage to make his story incredibly enjoyable and interesting by moving us through the intrigues with great dexterity and with a boldness that has to be commanded. The second act ended in a pleasant surprise that is bound to make the story become even more complex that its already is and open possibilities in term of intrigues that are simply to good to be true.


            Our good author seems to have an incredible talent to do so with every character and every story lines in his grand epic without making it predictable or boring, but rather incredibly fascinating to watch slowly unfold. I have that Geder is the character that I’m following with relish, while created in the slightly usual mold of the soft and cowardly in search of a vengeance from his bullies, he is transforming into something new and refreshing and you cannot manage to hate him. His innocence manipulate you to see a part of himself beyond his tantrums and he is turning into an unpredictable man. His story is probably the one I’m enjoying the most for now and I cannot wait to see where the story will lead him. His path will invariably cross the one from another very interesting player in the story and that is of course the young Cithrin. Now there is a unusual woman. At first glimpse she seems like a bit of a stereotype but she slowly takes on a whole new dimension that is simply making her feeling like a breath of fresh hair in a world of literature than can easily indulged a bit to much in its comfort zone. With every characters, Abraham’s take us slowly out of the usual path without being to different and loosing our interest. We can safely say that Cithrin is one of the most essential character of this story and that the author need to be very careful with what he will make her do, if not, he is risking much more that can appear. The presence of a new main point of view in the character of Clara Dawson is a welcome addition to the story and one that is full of promise for the future of the series.


            A lot can be said about “A Dagger and the Coin” and we could be very tempted to but it in a category that might put it in a slightly disadvantageous position. I would be one of the first to put this series with the biggest out there such as “A Song of Ice and Fire” or “The Wheel of Time”, but I fear it would be living in their shadows since those works of epic proportion are not of the same level. Daniel Abraham seems to have decided to leave a bit of his world-building aside in order to concentrate our attention entirely on the story. This can cause some confusion for the reading at times, especially since the author gives us multiple hints of a very complex and history filled world much bigger than what it seems. This confusion is particularly strong when it comes to the subject of the thirteen races that populates this vast world. “The Dragon’s Path” had left us with many questions about which are somehow partially answered in the second opus of the series, but we are still left with a lot of questions about the mechanics of Abraham’s universe. When put in the presence of the work of authors such as Georges R.R. Martin, Steven Erikson or Brandon Sanderson, this one can pale in comparison and loose some of it’s shine. Fortunately, the brilliance and talent of the writer is such that he deserves to be put amongst the very top of the pantheon of fantasy creators. The scope of this series cannot be ignored and is simply filled with promises that are impossible to go unnoticed.


            “The King’s Blood” is a definite experience that deserves a lot more attention and should find a place on your reading list immediately. If you are one to be fascinated by thick intrigues and juicy stories of adventures well this is a promise of satisfaction. It impossible not to get excited about “The Dagger and the Coin” and where it is going. The third installment is coming very soon, in fact in less than a month if everything goes well and will indubitably make the fans craving for a lot more. If Abraham’s is keeping the pace he has set in the first two books, we can be sure the series will grow in quality with every new book coming out and will create an enduring work of pure bliss.


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