First info about Terry Brook’s “The Black Irix”


Shea Ohmsford has had quite enough of quests. A year after surviving a harrowing odyssey, he is still plagued by troubling memories and dreams. A mysterious trafficker in spells and potions provides a restorative nostrum for the stricken Shea . . . along with a warning: Shea will break his vow to never again leave Shady Vale. And then the potion-maker’s prophecy comes to pass.

A thief, adventurer, and notoriously charismatic rogue, Panamon Creel unexpectedly appears in the Vale with a request for his long-time friend, Shea—journey into the untamed Northland, infiltrate the stronghold of a sinister dealer in stolen goods, and capture a precious artifact: the sacred Black Irix. Creel wishes to return this treasure to its rightful owners. Shea cannot refuse such a just cause. But what lies behind the black castle walls they must breach? And will this quest truly be their last?

So Terry Brooks is coming out a new book of course. This one actually looks pretty interesting in the fact that it’s a direct sequel to his original trilogy. This is bound to be a very interesting book since Brooks is exploring the effects of post traumatic disorder in his character. I mean atfer the poor guy went through it’s no surprise he should be going through that. Fantasy authors never really explored the subject and that is pretty surprising considering that most series are about warfare or contain a lot of it. Some characters usually become grim or cynical, but rarely if ever, do you see a character plunge in a state of profound trauma. This should be a good read and the fans of Terry Brooks should definitely be excited.


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