The Tyrant’s Law


Ah Daniel Abraham! how he make my heart soar to new heights. In only a few days, more precisely on the 14th of May, “The Tyrant’s Law”, the third entry in the series “The Dagger and the Coin”, is coming out on the shelves everywhere. Like every fan of the guy I’m shaking in my pants in anticipation. The book is filled with promises of yet another great read and adventure and if you’re one of those who still haven’t took the time to read the series, well put what you’re presently reading, or hurry to finish it up, and start reading the damn series so you can get hook too. I will give you a review of the book very soon, in fact as soon as I’m done with the book itself, which shouldn’t be very long indeed. Also coming out that day is the next Brandon Sanderson, The Rithmatist. In the meantime here’s a little excerpt:

The great war cannot be stopped.

The tyrant Geder Palliako had led his nation to war, but every victory has called forth another conflict. Now the greater war spreads out before him, and he is bent on bringing peace. No matter how many people he has to kill to do it.

Cithrin bel Sarcour, rogue banker of the Medean Bank, has returned to the fold. Her apprenticeship has placed her in the path of war, but the greater dangers are the ones in her past and in her soul.

Widowed and disgraced at the heart of the Empire, Clara Kalliam has become a loyal traitor, defending her nation against itself. And in the shadows of the world, Captain Marcus Wester tracks an ancient secret that will change the war in ways not even he can forsee.


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